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Sonar Palisono Deep Bass Xylophone



Sonor fiberglass deep bass xylophone; diatonic (range C to A1), with F# and Bb (16 bars). The fiberglass bars are overtone tuned to A=440, the industry standard. Palisono (fiberglass) xylophones have a similar resonance to rosewood xylophones. Their advantage is that palisono is not hygroscopic (pitch is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity), so these bars are ideal for humid climates. The solid wood resonator box has a bar-holder to store the F# and Bb bars when not in use.

Other features include:

  • Handles on each end
  • 100% glued seams –no screws used on the resonator box
  • Note name stamped in the bar’s center
  • Flexible rubber pins on resonator boxes allow for easy bar removal
  • Cloth covered rubber tubing under bars


Dimensions of the resonator box are approximately:
35″ long.
20″ high.
12-1/4″ wide at the widest point, and 7-3/4″ at the narrowest point.

With bars on, the widest point is 16-1/4″ (the length of the low C bar).

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