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Annual Music Rhapsody Membership Renewal

Annual Music Rhapsody Membership Renewal


Renew your Annual Music Rhapsody Membership!

Includes a complimentary subscription to Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box!

Welcome baby, toddler, preschool and elementary music teachers. This is for you!

Purchase orders also available. Please call us at 310-376-8646 or email us at [email protected] Click here to renew a monthly membership!

IMPORTANT: Enrollment in Online or Live Training required. Please click here first to register for membership before you add to cart.

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Become a Music Rhapsody teacher!

Membership is the capstone of all things Music Rhapsody.

You'll get immediate access to:

 As long as you're a member, you have license to use these which include:

  • The first 10 detailed lesson plans for each of the 5 age groups
  • A variety of recordings in order of the playlist for each lesson plan
  • Video of every activity, showing Lynn with her students
  • Printed music and lyrics of every song
  • Lesson-at-a-Glance to post in your classroom
  • Continued access to Lynn Kleiner's Teacher Training videos, revisit all or part of Training always!

Another benefit is that you now have a Music Box Membership! Our online forum is a wonderful place to get support, ask questions, and share information with Lynn Kleiner and other music teachers. If you're already a current member, it'll be upgraded to complimentary status for the duration of your Music Rhapsody membership.

An exclusive perk for members is access to purchase the Music Rhapsody CDs for a discount. Each age level has 2 CDs.  CD #1 is music from lessons 1-20 and CD #2 is music from lessons 21-40. The children LOVE what they know and repetition also advances language skills as it improves timing, coordination and singing. CD #1 is included with the student instrument kit. If the student is joining your class later in the year during Modules #3 or 4, you can opt to include both CDs with their kit. Our goal is to get the CDs into the hands of the parents and into the life of the child!

When you are ready to go beyond lesson 10, Modules 2, 3 and 4 are available for $50 for each set of 10 lessons in each age group, infants to age 6. Lesson plan modules include songs, recordings for each lesson, lyric sheets, lesson-at-glance, videos of every activity, and printed music used in lessons.

Membership available to all teachers who've completed Live Training or Online Training. If you haven't checkout out training yet, click here to learn more! It's 4 days of serious fun with Lynn and jam-packed full of how to successfully teach early childhood music education. Training weaves fostering a foundation for a musical life in every aspect of teaching and learning music.

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