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Big Kids Make Music – Module 1

Big Kids Make Music – Module 1


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Video of the activities, recordings in order of the lesson plan, detailed lesson plans, At A Glance sheets, lyric sheets, music notation of songs, Lynn’s tips and reminders on video.

Includes songs from Big Kids Make Music CD #1

Jackson Blues*
Sally Go ‘Round The Sun
Ten Little Froggies
Eensy Weensy Spider
Rhymes In The Rain
The Spider Kept On Spinning
Sonata in C*
Bell Horses
I Plant A Little Seed
Shoo Turkey
Hello (Echo) Orff
Squidgies Boogie*
Farmer Brown’s Cow
Jingle Bells
Five Little Jingle Bells
Now My Shaker’s Up
The Gingerbread Man
Snow (Yuki)
Forgotten Dreams
Five Little Snowman
My Love For You
57 12/8 Blues*
Come My Friends

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