Online Professional Development with Lynn Kleiner is inspirational, interactive, and just plain fun

The school year has started! Wondering what to do with your little ones in the classroom? Music Rhapsody is here to help! We want you to love your job every day.

Lynn Kleiner’s Online Teacher Training provides individuals with an opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own homes! The Professional Development training will allow you to discover all the information and tools needed to become a master at teaching early childhood and elementary music. We use a playful Orff approach that caters to children in their specific stage of development.

With a focus on pre-k and kindergarten students, Lynn’s training tools will keep your kids engaged, interested, and excited about music class. During the course, Lynn introduces a variety of stories, songs, props, and instruments to use in the classroom. Creativity is key, and the techniques trainees learn help transform classrooms into magical and musical spaces.

At Music Rhapsody, we understand that teaching music isn’t one size fits all. A child in kindergarten will not benefit from the same classroom music experience as a 5th grader. We cater training to the age of the students in the room with movement and activities that are appropriate for their stage of learning. This also helps keep children focused. Engaging them with activities and props can make listening to classical orchestral music something they enjoy and request!

Lynn’s training includes something unique and challenging for every age level. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Once training is complete, you are eligible for the Music Rhapsody membership, where you’ll find a full curriculum available.

We can’t wait to start singing and dancing with you!

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