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Music Teacher Training for Daycare Centers

Daycare center music teacher training

Lynn with crab and cat puppet


Lynn Kleiner’s Music Teacher Training for Daycare Centers guides you through a playful Orff approach to become a master music teacher for any daycare. Lynn’s known as the Peter Pan of early childhood music education, and she’ll show you how this all-inclusive training and curriculum will transform your daycare, make you a happier caregiver, and delight the children.

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Preschool Music Teacher Training


This age group is ALWAYS on the go! At Training we’ll show you how you can use puppets, props, stories, songs, and dances to make learning and teaching music fun.

If music and movement are an important part of your daycare center, and you’re looking for inspiration and a way to attract more children, offer playful music classes. Let Lynn show you how to make your daycare a magical place.

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