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It is just natural and instinctive for babies, tots and young children to respond to music. For children, music is as natural as breathing. They were born with singing and dancing abilities. The trick is to develop it, the younger the better.

Music Rhapsody is a program created by Lynn Kleiner, an acknowledged authority in the field of childhood music education and Orff Schulwerk. Lynn’s enthusiastic and talented teaching staff have advanced music degrees, specialized training and experience teaching music from the amazing Orff approach. Every class is geared to exactly where your child is now, from infant, to toddler, all the way up to teens. From maracas, to drums and marimbas, all the way to piano. All of it proven to help develop motor skills, language, balance and coordination, and improving all areas of learning. All to help instill a lifelong love of music.

Music Rhapsody classes are all about joy and exuberance, incorporating movement, dance, singing, puppets, and more! Children love it. And parents love the results.

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