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Music is language and language is music…La música es el lenguaje y el lenguaje la música. In Music Rhapsody Spanish Classes, you’ll sing, dance and play as you learn Spanish and music together as a family!

Learning a language at a young age is extremely beneficial to children. And what better way to do that than with music! New languages improve critical thinking skills, enhance memory, encourage creativity, and better multi-tasking abilities. And, music boosts learning!

Recent studies have shown that language and music are kindred spirits. They both have tone, pitch, melody, rhythm, and volume. Both can be differentiated by these elements, and both are learned best through repeated exposure. Music is also a fantastic memory technique for learning a new language!

Our Spanish Music Rhapsody classes teach children the amazing Music Rhapsody curriculum but use the Spanish lyrics, rather than English. They incorporate classroom instruments, dancing, the gathering drum, and more! Young children are naturally drawn to music making it the perfect tool for learning another language. Music also allows us to memorize information without any real effort. Just think how many songs you know by heart! The list goes on and on. The more songs children are learning in Spanish, the more words they are retaining. So easy and fun!

If you’re interested in trying our fun, creative, and musical approach to learning a new language, join us for our Spanish Class!

Our Spanish Music Rhapsody class is 45 minutes and offered every week. And we have French Music Rhapsody too!