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After Teacher Training

Lynn Kleiner's Teacher Training


After Teacher Training, teachers are prepared to take students from birth through age eight through a purposeful, beautifully designed early-childhood and elementary music program. You’ll understand how to make present music lessons that are playful, dynamic, and inspirational for you and your students.

Music Rhapsody has even more resources for your early childhood and elementary music curriculum. Join the Music Rhapsody community and get access to:

  • 50+ complete lesson plans, 10 for each of the 5 early childhood or elementary age groups.
  • Videos of Lynn Kleiner teaching every single activity for every age group
  • Notation for all music
  • Lyric sheets
  • Lesson-at-a-Glance classroom aids
  • Playlists for each lesson
  • Support materials
  • Visuals aids for classroom use
  • FREE membership to Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box ($7.95/month value)
  • Ongoing support from Lynn Kleiner and her staff
  • Additional lesson plans in sets of 10 are available for purchase for a total of 40 lesson plans in each of the 5 early childhood age groups
  • Lesson Plans are also available for the elementary levels through grade 3 with Orff and recorder. SMARTBoard and SMARTNotebook visuals too!

Teachers who successfully complete the Teacher Training Program and activate membership afterwards get access to concise, and easy to follow lesson plans, videos of entire live classes, and videos of every activity for each age group. Music Rhapsody Teachers also have all access to all the audio recordings for each of the age groups in playlist format.


What others are saying…

Should elementary teachers attend the 4 day training? Here’s what one teacher said:
“I knew that Lynn’s workshops were jam-packed with content-driven and high-quality materials taught with a playful structure that incorporates stories, songs, instruments, movement, and fun little teaching props. What I was not expecting was the impact the first two days of training, with focus on infants – age 3, would have on my teaching, especially when my students weren’t coming to me until Pre-K. Sitting through those first lessons and learning about the musical development and progress of children from the earliest stages and beyond helped me to discover the roots of my frustrations in planning and teaching my Pre-K students. By being immersed in that “baby music,” I realized that so much of those activities were what my Pre-K kids needed from me and not the activities that I’d been offering them. Shortly after Lynn’s training, I redesigned my entire Pre-K music curriculum incorporating the many things I’d learned about musical development.”~ Katie Traxler, New York Orff Chapter President

I am overwhelmed with this incredible program of excellence that Lynn is offering. I would highly recommend this to all Dance and Music Studios. Do everything you can to get a teacher to one of Lynn’s summer trainings. Or at least do online teacher training. The program is so well laid out, with detailed lesson plans and fantastic video of every single activity, including all recordings, 40 weeks for all 5 age levels. Year after year, our families have loved the classes and I have loved teaching the program.” ~ Diane Gwynn McWhorter Boynton Beach School of Music and Dance, Florida

Lynn Kleiner is an amazing teacher and this program is rich with easy to learn songs, movement-repetition with variety!! Can’t wait to get it started in my studio!!!” ~ Kristen Fairfield, California

Music Rhapsody Membership

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